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Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Wanting to get in on it!
Think DH has caught the WOYWW bug but can't go as far as having his OWN blog so has asked me to include a pic of his workspace-carefully edited by him of course (he took it using my camera). Now you know what I'm up against.
Picture number one is the wide view-wipso please note this is my version of tidy. You might be able to spot Stampin' Up goodies out today plus a Spell binders frameability I've been using to make felt flowers. I've also had a go at cutting fabric with them. Iron onto interfacing and it works a dream.
2 You can see the card I made for a friend's ??ieth birthday Sunday. I cut a felt butterfly using a cuttlebug die. Cuts a dream but only got the one as you can only try to have everything. Embellished on machine, fell in love and added sequins and beads.
I also got some of the sugared almonds collection from Craftwork Cards this week-you might be able to see the corner of the box on the right.

3 SU cardstock and frameabilities plus a Craftwork Cards embossed frame distressed with SU Perfect Plum. Distressing works well with other inks, not just Tim Holz.
DH wants me to tell you that after fifty years in the dark he has seen the light. He has, in other words, "gone digital". For over a year now he has been producing digital prints rather than darkroom processed. The darkroom is empty and forlorn. Here you might be able to see a small heap.This is not card but mounted prints. We don't do holiday snaps in our house!

Before I go I'll apologise for the scrappy nature of yesterday's post. Always very weary at night but wanted to get it on before I let it slip again. Am looking forward to seeing what you can do with it. You can do this in fabric with fabric glue. If you think I've gone doolally see yesterday's post
Think you would like the stunning work on this blog too if you've not already found it. Its the ramblings of a fairy. The fairy will have already taken her driving test now so I hope all went well . Lots of love BettyXXX
Realised I didn't do the linky thing so if you don't know by now check out Julia's WOYWW


  1. Oh VERY interesting today Betty! Fancy having to share a craft room with your ole man though - wouldn't do for me!! I'm another northerner now exiled to the midlands, as well as a fellow FM sufferer .... bit of a bugger innit?

  2. There is some really fab stuff going on in your crafting space today. It's certainly tidy enough for me :-)
    A x

  3. lovely desk piccie, luv that frame set you have, well done hubbie for joining in our friend has just gone over to the dark side (digi) lol got rid of his wetroom, luv his B/W piccie, have good day, sue.x

  4. Wonderfully busy work area- thanks for sharing. The artwork is gorgeous too!

  5. two desks, his and hers! love it! your cards are beautiful and your husbands prints are amazing! thank you for the nosey, have a great week, hugs mandyxx

  6. Wow two very busy and exciting desks. Obviously yours has more of the stuff I expect to see on WOYWW!! Love it!

    Esme xx

  7. I love the 2 'desks', both of you have such talent. But most Betty, I love the disclaimer about the rooms! Laugh and laugh!

  8. Great crafting, love the idea of the felt embellishments. Hope you're not heading for a crafting confict! ikki x

  9. I love the his and hers desks, great idea. Your cards are lovely and your husbands prints are fantastic too. Thanks for sharing. Have a good evening. Tracy x x

  10. ooooo Betty! (there I go again!!) I'll have to takea pic of hubby's work bench too!! ...or maybe not...Having him cooking on Youtube is enough for now! I get my tea cups muddled too, usually I drink the paint water my mistake!!

  11. It's nice to have a His and Hers. It's even nicer when both of you share the same hobby. Even though you have different styles and media, you still both do papercrafting, which can be so much fun. Thanks for the snoop today.

  12. Oo I have had a lovely snoop, thanks. Your embellished felt flowers are a lovely idea.

  13. Your husbands prints look amazing was trying to get a closer look but couldn't zoom in. Hugs Pamx

  14. His and Hers desks..What a treat!
    Gorgeous stuff going on on both of them.


  15. Hiya

    I dare not show my hubby your post I dont want him getting any ideas lol,his print looks fantastic, fabulous workspace


  16. ooooh fab space Betty. Love all yoru stash and your latest creation too. Interesting to see his space too! My hubby's would simply be the inside of the garage lol!

  17. Lovely stuff and nice to OH's stuff too :) love your header :)
    Anne x

  18. Love what you are doing but I have to say that hubby's mounted print is AMAZING ....WOW

  19. Just popped back to say DD stands for 'darling daughter' ....Vicki is her partner and we all craft and live together. I lost my husband (DH or OH) ten years ago now and 5years ago we moved to Scotland. Hope everything is clearer now .... nite nite xx

  20. Love your shelves - so handy. Your desk looks just like my office desk - mine is a long piece of kitchen worktop balanced on two chests of draws.

    Love the print that your OH is working on.