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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

WOYWW bags close up

Did a close up on the bags to show the detail .
Teeny tiny bag
All materials craftwork cards
Card bag
Craftwork cards again
using elegant rectangles, chocolate box card candy and ritzy lime card stock for the flap which could open but doesn't. Hole pricking done by using a dressmakers tracing wheel and going over with pricking tool. Handle is those beads on a string you can get to sew on to clothes. I smashed off the end ones with a hammer to make something to attach them with. Made a template from the elegant rectangle to cut the flap.


  1. Hi, Have you tried using a multi needle tool for your hand felting?
    ps love the bags :-)
    A x

  2. ooh Betty! (I'm sounding like Frank Spencer!) Ohoo Betty your bags are fabulous! They look real...I mean, they look like....(I'm digging a hole here!) they look fabulous!!!

  3. Ooh fab bags, I'd love a real one like the large one :)
    Anne xx

  4. Hiya

    Gorgeous bags love the colours you have chosen


  5. OK, not sure if I actually posted something just now, but my tail with an idot attached to it (Russ the puppy) just jumped on the keyboard.

    I love the bag.



  6. The bags are gorgeous and I love the colour combo. xxx

  7. Love your bags! I want the one on the right! :-)

  8. Had to pop back ...that really was a good photo of me ...laughed at the Jilly Cooper likeness ...I can see it but I dont really look like that...think I had just had my 60th and I am now 63 ...the fat pushes the wrinkles out lol xx