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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

WOYWW My number 2

Yay folks. I've looked forward to this since I did it last week. It's been a shot in the arm for me or a kick up the wotsit! Great motivation-thankyou, thankyou ,thankyou.
I'm not making excuses for myself but the state of everything was due to my inability to tackle the task of getting rid of the layer of soot and builders dust covering most of my room. Well I did the work top and the floor and managed to create a bit more order out of all the stash I'd bought but not homed during the time I had off dealing with other stuff.
It's been lovely getting back into some blog hopping and trying to catch up with all the comings and goings.
For all those who asked for a look in some of the boxes I've opened one and it shows my solution to one of the ribbon problems -what to do with the small pieces which are too lovely (and long) to throw away. Boxes I got for something else have been punched with my big bite and the ends pulled through so I can see them.. The larger plastic boxes are sweetie boxes (Haribo probably)from a shop given to me by my friend Lynne. They are a great practical size. I try to keep stash close as it was a struggle to get up and down when the FMS was really bad.
Ah but WOYWW Betty?
It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Craftwork Cards and I had a delivery on Saturday of my latest order containing the Romance project plus some Ritzy cardstock in Lime, Purple and Grey.
I made the designs in the pack then I've had some more ideas since-you can see a couple of these on their blog but just for Debs -who asked where the bags were-I made some bags.
Strictly speaking one's a card but for the other I've used a Green Sneakers bagamites template - I don't even know if you can get these in the UK any more, I've had a good look on the net but can't see a UK supplier.
Anyway I did promise I would let you into my little bag making hint but this post is getting very long and there will be pay back -sore shoulders fingers etc. so will do that later.
I'm not a layout expert-can you tell?
I'm not a linky expert either.
I'm not a challenge person 'cos stress is not good for me.
I'm really getting to like Wednesdays though.
PS thanks to the person who mentioned ATG guns. Fished it out, cleaned it and bought some refills. 3M's were having a sale, free postage too. Should be ashamed at all that unused stash and lovely equipment waiting to be used hohum.
The lovely new wetroom sure needs cleaning.
Go on join in with us on what's on your work desk Wednesday.


  1. Ooo that was a LOVELY rummage around your stash Betty - thanks for sharing. Haven't you got a LOT of stuff?? Even more than me (well maybe). How well I know that FM can't be bothered syndrome - but that's what they invented computers for so we could play about and sit down while pretending to be working ....
    PS I used to make fabric bits for my Sindy dolls too - no Barbie in OUR house!!

  2. Wednesdays are fab are n't they ... I had a super time rigling through your stash and as for Betty the bag lady .... what a super name :0)

  3. wow Betty - those bag cards look brill. I love the colour scheme too. Might have to look at making a couple of those - is that where you get your blog name from???

    Great idea for the ribbon storage - well clever.

    Paula x x x

  4. thanks for sharing your great crafty space! looks like there is loads of goodies lurking!

    hugs mandyxx

  5. Brilliant idea for ribbons :-)
    A x

  6. Thatis a good idea with the ribbons.

  7. Big sister Twiglet and I do all sorts of felting but as I have arthritis I struggle when doing a lot of wet felting. We have embellisher machines that we do most of our creations on. Is is a stockest for wool rovings you are looking for?
    A x

  8. my you have alot of pots to rummage through, think i may be here some time being nosey lol

  9. Ah Betty, am loving your WOYWW - the step back shot to show the extent of your shelves proves that you have it under control - I think when you don't get a chance to craft for a while, you do feel you've overdone it - I do!! You seem so much more positive about your stash - you may have alot, but the trick is to use it...am fascinated that you have an ATG gun..I keep promising myself one and then kinda forget! The little bags are gorgeous.

  10. Had a great rummage, thank you.. good to see another Craftwork Cards fan.

  11. Had commented on the close-up of the bags before noticing this was the post for WOYWW this week, but still nice to see the close-up. We all have unused stash so don't worry about that! ;)
    Anne xx

  12. thanks for sharing - good idea for the ribbon storage.

  13. How great we helped you get the bug again Betty. Take is easy with the cleaning, perhaps a shelf or two at a time? You'll be done in no time!


  14. Lovely cards, bet your real pleased to be getting it back! ikki

  15. Oooo your shelves look good...loads of lovely stash!

  16. You are the first of today's visits ...was up til 1.30 last night ...maybe the same today ...as I want to visit everyone and have a good read and still have time to comment..... Phew. Its great fun isn't it.

    You have so much going on in your space. ..good uidea to box the little bits of ribbon ....some how I tend to loose them lol
    I have had a look at your bags above ....WOW ...they are brilliant ...the larger one is my fav....so much work on both of them.

  17. Like you, I'm not a challenge person, but I'm loving this one. I know firsthand what it's like to have your life (and craft space) in upheaval with a remodel. If this blog hopping got you motivated, then it's a good thing.

    Sorry I'm late getting here. Hope you had a great WOYWW.