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Monday, 19 April 2010

Mojo back with a bang

No piccies at the mo 'cos need to craft and shop-for food that is- but naughty MOJO who was hiding a bit has burst out in the middle of the night and inflicted the condition of whizzy brain on me.
Fibromyalgia sufferers out there may be able to identify with this and fellow crafters. Basically there are more ideas popping up than time to carry them out and the ideas are popping in the middle of the night when I'm actually exhausted and they wouldn't let me sleep.
Eventually I got up and ate a slice of toast and watched Hill Street Blues -in the middle of the night.
How I loved that show. Now I'm going to have to do one of several things
1 Get up again in the middle of the night
2 Buy some equipment upon which I could record it
3 Ask someone else to record it for me
4 Watch online if poss
5 Summon up strength to record it on the video recorder -involves working out how to use it again
6 Forget it as I wouldn't have time to watch it
Sometimes I would love to be Belker who bared his teeth and growled at people and went around looking filthy and dirty, other times it's Joyce, who had everything, tall, willowy,incisive mind,intuitive,empathetic and best of all long dark hair-presumably achieved without hair extensions in those days.
Love to Biscuit Lid's Dad. Hope he's soon up and about.
I'll be back-and with a poem for Debs who was up at nearly midnight to write a comment. Lack of sleep and serious surf addiction is doctor Betty's diagnosis and too many hospital dramas. LOLXXX

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  1. Oh Betty, I don't have FM but I do recognise the symptoms of major mojo overoad right at a time when you can't actually do anything about it! I missed out on Hill St Blues, but I am humming th etune now, so it had some sort of impact! Hope you sleep well tnight.