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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Bingo a further episode

I was the caller for half the session. About ten of us turned up and Viv brought a bingo thing-a revolving cage that the balls dropped out of- but they didn't.She bought it for 20p at a car boot and now we know why. I restrained myself (jokes about balls were fighting to pop out of my mouth) but I was in the community room of the church. Those who know me may be surprised I managed it. The sour cream containers went down a treat and Maureen bought the one leftover for her grandson. Enid turned up in a new blouse exactly the shade of green on Julie's card from yesterday . I forgot to take my camera so I can't prove it.
Now apparently people do read my blog -well my little sis from Chatham does 'cos she told me when we spoke on the phone so the weight of the responsibility is going to my head a bit. The next bit is for her and for anyone else I haven't already told it to. The other day someone was talking about Confucius on the radio and quoting some of his sayings. Some were familiar but this one appealed to me
"It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop"


  1. You said it! How did you manage not to say something? you normally never shut up!!! your ever loving sis(little)xxx

  2. can't believe you managed not to say anything, we normally can't shut you up! your loving sis. xx