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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Task complete

Here's the Pink Petticoat chandelier again-this time cut with labels two nestability and I've put the sentiment under a bubble thing from stash. I love that chandelier-especially since I changed the colour to pink. Nothing will appear where I want it and I can't work out how to place it in the right place at all. Tea is calling so au revoir.

At last I've managed to finish the requested Mother's Day cards and they are in the post. I'm pleased with the shot I took with the new camera. It's so easy just to zoom in and I've got it set on intelligent auto to compensate for the lack of "intelligent Betty" when it comes to photography.

I made the letters myself using wordart on Publisher and they are covered with some Trimcraft papers I have in my stock. It's sized to fit in a DL envelope. I learned the envelope lesson early on. Decide on your card size first and make sure you won't need to trim your card size to make the layout look right. I was starting from way behind square one. I have been present when plaintive requests have been made by desperate people in card shops for custom sized envelopes. Of course you can always make your own and I do- but not today. One day I will show you the drawer containing the envelope hoard. It needs using. Ah yes -back to the card. The flowers came with this month's Card making and papercraft. Wasn't it clever of them to match it to the papers I already had in my stash

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