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Thursday, 26 March 2009

PatR has given me this award. Thankyou so much Pat. This has posed a challenge as you will gather if you read my blog regularly. I think she is chuckling to herself right now as she wonders if I will have another bald bit where I've torn out another clump of hair wondering how to deal with it. To make it worse there is a little message at the top of the posting window saying "scheduled outage at4:pm PDT so I'm trying to work out what PDT is and typing faster.
Now I've got to pass it on and I've chosen to sort it out later because
I'm not going until Sunday but first we (DH and I) are opening up our static caravan near Gisburn on Friday then I'm taking up my bed -well blow up mattress -and staying at my sister Kate's on Saturday night. From thence to the goodies. I'm supposed to be packing right now but this blogging lark is mightily addictive. TTFN. When I see you again I will be trying to find space for more stash and checking my bank balance


  1. Hi Betty, glad you managed to get your award, and yes this blogging is very addictive. Have a good time at Harrogate and let us know what you come back with.

    Pat xx

  2. Me again, forgot to say well done the link works