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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Now I've got this thing up and running I've got to try to keep it going and find out how it works. I do tend to learn by doing and the first thing I've worked out is how to alter the time zone.
The new Cardcraft plus catalogue arrived this morning and I've spent some time browsing through it and testing my determination not to buy anything but to USE MY STASH.
Manufacturers are aware of this of course. I think they home in on me specifically otherwise why do I always see a sample which includes something I haven't got (NOT A LOT)and now I've GOT TO HAVE. The morning cuppa has been drunk and it will soon be lunchtime so before I get involved in the philosophical arguments for and against the necessity of owning some twinkling H2o's or some cosmic shimmer paints I am going to MAKE SOME CARDS.

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  1. Hi Betty, You're blog's looking just fine! Welcome to blogland : )