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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Simple is better says DH

Just one I've finished tonight. I hear these words all the time "Why can't you stamp it directly onto the card?" and "Take all that ribbon off and it will look better". I know the stamp is not directly on the card but the wording is. I bought this cardstock years ago and I've hoarded it. Why-I don't really know but I love the colour and I don't seem able to do it justice. I'm not sure if other people appreciate the colour as much as I do so I'll keep the rest a bit longer. Back to details. How do you think I've done the lettering? It's the hotfoil print wizard. I used some Pink Petticoat tiny tags which I don't think are on the website any more and I traced over them and used my tracing for the foiling. I just needed to polish it gently with a lump of cottonwool to bring out the detail. It's very handy is the wizard but my DH reads this so although I did tell him the price at the time I'm not reminding him. I wasn't keen on the samples on the hotfoil stand but the potential excited me and I haven't been disappointed (when I've made the effort). The stamp is Craftwork Cards again (don't click anywhere 'cos it won't work -Rome wasn't built in a day) and I made the shadow by stamping with the back of the stamp. It's a bit since I made the topper so I can't remember what ink I used but I played about for a while to get it light enough.
Keep meaning to try the stamps with some Stampbord. I bet they would be amazing. Before you ask -yes I have got some Stampbord.
Oh -"wHY CAN'T i STAMP IT DIRECTLY ON THE CARD? Same reason I just messed up this typing".
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