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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

That time already

I have tried to find out how to create links and how to put my photos and text where I want them but my brain has decided that enough is enough. Part of the point of this was to motivate me to make more cards -not tear my hair out at the computer. If anyone out there is feeling left out because I haven't put in a link -sorry. It's a bit like not saying hello to someone in the street when you've got the wrong pair of glasses on. I'm not ignoring you I just don't know how to MAKE IT WORK.
I'm about to make some sour cream containers and fill them with cadbury's mini eggs for a bingo session at a small community group I go to on Wednesday afternoons.
The builders still haven't appeared-surprise surprise but the sun has. It's very spring like outside. Blogflow has deserted me because I've just got back from the group and we have been doing Tai Chi so the aches and pains have set in. We exercise our jaws a lot as well. Everyone is older than me but some are much more sprightly. Fading rapidly so before total expiration sets in- cheerio.

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  1. Hi Betty, I love the red and black card you made with the craftwork card stamps, it looks very rich and impressive,I must think of a design for mine, seem to be always always working at present, Lynnex