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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday is tidy the yard day
I am trying to find out how to create a title for the posting but haven't worked out how to underline it.
A long time ago we were informed that during the scheme to improve the area our walls etc would be rebuilt and tomorrow (after four years I think) they are starting on our street. We had a note shoved through the letterbox on Friday. We thought it would never happen but I think it is going to. It's a very short street and what's the betting they will start at our end if we don't do something today.
As we (ie me) haven't done much out there since I became ill there is a slight problem. The outside loo (we have got one inside ) is packed with stuff and we decided we would have it knocked down. All the -aaaargh-stuff has to be transferred to the cellar or got rid of plus there's more stuff which is stuffed into what was the coal bit. Then there's the compost I created in the far off heady days of gardening possibilities which has to be found a new home. Don't think I could sell it on ebay do you-er noooo. So no more blog today and no more cardy plans for the moment. Pity -I could have shown you the shot dearly beloved took at breakfast this morning with MY NEW CAMERA . If that's what he looks at in the morning it must be love because I haven't got any money - I am a crafter after all and something crunchy out there might have had something to do with it-oh and aforesaid "unpleasant illness". Ta ta for now

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