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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Now I've got to come clean and confess that I've not been capable of cardmaking since Monday 'cos we had a trip to Leeds with some friends on Tuesday which left me in need of R&R due to aforesaid "unpleasant illness". It was worth it though. The friends had never been to Leeds before and the weather played along so that the city was shown in its best light. Good job because, like my lovely husband, they are passionate photographers which was the reason for our visit. There is an exhibition on at the museum by Marc Riboud. It's work he did when he came to Leeds in the fifties. We had a grand day out culminating in a lovely meal at the Corn Exchange which is also an amazing building.

Our friends had been in Florence the week before but they were still impressed. For two Lancastrians from Lancaster they made a good impression of enjoying Yorkshire.

Anyway I'm now back to my usual operating level with the added benefit of a blog of my own which gave me a bit of distraction when I wasn't capable of doing much else.

For anyone out there who would like to know what happened at the dentist's yesterday-I am still alive-just. Oh and the fish from the market worked out o.k. too. I bought a piece of tuna which seemed like pushing the boat out at £4.50 plus some ginger and a red chillie which brought it to a fiver but (and it's a big one) if we'd had fish and chips from the chippie it would have been about the same. I made a marinade and stood it in it for about half an hour then cooked it quickly using some advice I found in a Garry Rhodes book. I'm not a confident cook but it was absolutely wonderful -easy too.

Along more crafty lines I did enter the challenge on Pink Petticoat blog in February which was to create some sour cream containers and I can now show you what mine turned out like when I remember how to attach the blinkerty blinkerty pictures. Don't ask me to format it yet. These are early days.

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  1. Hi Betty, Thank you for visiting my blog and for letting me know the origin of the cute fairy. I have become your first follower and will try and visit on a regular basis. Sounds like you had a good day out in Leeds. I must admit I've never been myself, well not exactly true I have visited the football ground but when you arrive by coach you don't get to see much of the place and it was a good few years ago.
    Well I am quite new to blogging and like yourself I tend to learn as I go. I do things my way not knowing if I'm taking the right route but as long as I achieve what I want I don't supppose it matters.
    Well good luck and hope you enjoy blogging as much as I have
    Pat x